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Leeds Festival

It's that time again and Leeds festival is right around the corner and many of our beautiful Leeds escorts will be attending the annual festival and cannot wait! The lineup is as good as ever with stars everywhere you look so lets have a look at some of the most highly anticipated announcements and guest making their way to Leeds this Summer.

While there are many new acts making their way to Leeds this year it is nice to see the same old faces like Blink 182 and Arctic Monkeys who play Reading and Leeds almost religiously. However Reading and Leeds promoter Jon Mcildowie exclusively told Xfm that we can expect a few surprises that our Leeds escorts cannot wait for. He said, "We always get calls about a month before the festival from bands saying, 'You know how we said we didn't want to play your festival, well now we're available and we really do". I've had a bout seven of those this year, including a couple from bands that are arena acts who want to do secret shows or last minute things. This has had lead our Leeds escorts to a new level of excitement in anticipation of the festival.

There has been much speculation surrounding the unannounced acts with some suggesting the Foo fighters are in or an emotional return while other bands such as Muse and the Kaiser chiefs have also been suggested. However it is the legendary atmosphere and hospitality that our Leeds escorts can't wait for and what drive tens and thousands of people to the event each year. Many of our girls will be making an exception from their usual glamorous lifestyle and will be camping for the duration of the week and enjoying the real Leeds festival experience.

Over the years Leeds festival have seen such iconic moments as Kurt Cobains wheelchair entrance in 1992 before bringing the house down and also Prodigys legendary performance in 1998. Other notable bands to make their name at the festival includes the Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes. We can only hope for more of the same this year although as long as our beautiful leeds escorts are making an appearance we're set for an unforgettable week.