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Enjoy a Out of a Night Out in Leeds

Leeds is a city that people would want to visit for numerous reasons, there’s the famous music festival, there’s the amazing shopping centres and there is of course, the incredible nightlife that Leeds is famous for.

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Plan your Night Out with a Leeds Escort

If you are planning a night out in Leeds it’s important that you’ve worked out where you’re staying and where you plan to go, so we’ve decided that some ideas as to what you can do here would be valuable knowledge for any inexperienced visitor.

As you continue reading this article you will find out about which hotels are the best ones to stay in, as well as many different bars and other things you can get up to on your night out, even including where you could take one of the many stunning escorts Leeds has to offer.


Where to stay in Leeds

There are so many great places to stay in Leeds and it is of course, of vital importance that you do your research, especially if you’re planning to book one of our Leeds escorts as this could really make or break your romantic rendezvous. Regardless of your budget, you need to be looking for class and luxury rather than just whatever is cheapest, as nobody will want to accompany you to a box room in some cheap bed and breakfast with a single bed, an armchair and a coffee table to work with. 

To see a list of great hotels to book with your escort, check out our Perfect Hotel for your Leeds Escort Booking blog. Although it might seem pointless to list of appropriate hotels as everyone has different tastes and hotels always have their ups and downs, but if you can manage the hefty price tag, hotels such as The Queens are perfect, with The Queens hotel, in particular, being a great hotel, due to the ideal location which makes the city centre very accessible to anyone staying there.


Where to go in Leeds 

Of course, there is more to a great night out than a great hotel, so now we’re going to get on to the most important part of the article, yes, of course, I am referring to the best bars you can find in this amazing city. There are a lot of great bars in Leeds which makes it almost impossible to give a “Top 3” or anything similar as most of these bars are in no way comparable to one another, which is why I am just going to give some suggestions as to my personal favourite bars in Leeds, in no particular order.
The first bar that springs to mind is the Skylounge, this bar is probably my favourite cocktail bar in Leeds thanks to the balcony which has a great view of the city, the staff are always really friendly and in my mind, this really makes it something else as you can always rest assured that your night out is going to go well by spending a few hours here. If you’re looking to get a few drinks for a good price, try the Stone Roses bar. The atmosphere is always something really special and you can really have a great time here. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a classy place to spend some time with one of our amazing escorts in Leeds then you can always try the Medusa bar as it is a pretty well-designed bar and it has a really nice atmosphere making it perfect for breaking the ice.

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