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The Best Places to Visit in Manchester

At Angels or Devils we're always on the look out for the best of the best, be it the our beautiful Manchester escorts or the best bars and restaurants we can find. That is why we've dedicated a post to a recent trip to Manchester, where we experienced one of the greatest restaurants anywhere in England. Manchester often gets a bad rep but its a fantastic city and well worth it, especially when you're accompanied by our beautiful Manchester escorts. So without further adieu lets delve into some of the most popular venues come from our unbiased and honest opinion.

When we got off the train at Manchester Piccadilly we met up with some of our Manchester escorts before heading off for something to eat. We were told that if we wanted to experience the best restaurant in Manchester then we would have to travel out of the town centre and get the tram to Prestwich to visit Aumbry on Church Lane M25 1AJ. When I first saw the restaurant it wasn't at all what I was expecting, a small intimate dining room situated in a converted Victoria cottage. The food you'll be glad to know was astonishing, with the menu being predominantly British cuisine taking inspiration from Michelin French cuisine. I had the slow cooked pork with red cabbage, crackling and apple purée and it was absolutely fantastic.

I can honestly say that the meal was well worth the tram journey out of the city. Although after it was straight back on the tram to town for a few drinks, to our Manchester escorts favourite bar Epernay. On Great Northern Tower, Watson Street M3 4EE one of Manchester's best kept secrets was waiting for us. I and our Manchester escorts have been to many champagne bars in our time but none even came close to Epernay. The atmosphere was great and all of the staff we're friendly and knowledgeable and are more than capable of knocking you up a great cocktail. As for the champagnes, there is a selection of over 100 rare and vintages with a choice of up to 30 international wines.

One thing that Manchester doesn't have that London does is 5 star hotels, so we had to settle for 4 star. Although when we arrived we did anything but settle. Our Manchester escorts decided we would go to what was widely regarded as the best hotel in Manchester, Velvet on Canal street M1 3HE. The rooms were every bit as luxurious and elegant as any 5 star hotel I've stayed in. Overall I would recommend visiting Manchester completely, just make sure you get the best out of this fantastic city and experience it with someone who knows expertly like our beautiful and elegant Manchester escorts.